Thursday, March 30, 2017

Holler Points...

Yesterday saw probably the last range trip with the M&P M2.0 before sending it to Fairfax for glamour shots. While I was at it, I put a box of 124gr HST through the Wilson because everybody knows that 1911s...especially 9mm 1911s...have difficulty feeding jacketed hollow points, right?

The Wilson ran just fine with the HST's, of course...

This makes 550 rounds fired since the pistol was last cleaned or lubed, with one FTE not charged to the gun at round #29. 1,450 rounds to go.

From an Away Game...

From discussion elsewhere...
This is the single best thing about striker fired handguns. Like rifles, nobody can tell at a glance if they're cocked or not. If an exposed hammer is to the rear, it doesn't matter to the spring, but everybody from Sergeant Major Smith to Cletus the Hillbilly Hunter just HAS to lower that hammer because...apparently they think it's doing something bad to the spring?

People don't blink at soldiers running around with loaded, cocked rifles on safe, but let someone see the hammer back on a holstered 1911 in an institutional environment and everyone gets the vapors.

My carry 1911s were never un-cocked for most of a decade. Get ready to go to bed at night, pull cocked pistol out of holster and place in safe. Get dressed in the morning, remove pistol, still cocked, from safe and holster up. Lather, rinse, repeat from 2003 to 2011. The only time they were not cocked is if they were apart for cleaning or actually in the act of busting a cap.
True story: When 26-year-old me was first working in a gun store, we had probably a hundred long guns...shotguns, hunting rifles, Evil Black Rifles, et cetera...racked vertically along the wall behind the counter. At night, before locking up the shop, I would go down the row "making sure they weren't cocked" by pulling triggers on the racked rifles. Wouldn't want those springs staying cocked overnight!

They were unloaded, right?

26-year-old me was a fool.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wrapping up...

Went to Atlanta Conservation Club to do some more shooting, including accuracy testing, with the M&P M2.0 yesterday.

I dragooned Mike Grasso into shooting the Smith off the sandbags I ordered to replace my plastic rest, which was kinda "meh" and only really transports easily in the Subaru. I was not dipleased with the gun's accuracy.

"No, really..."

Any cop you know can tell you the story about the time that he or one of his buddies at work was conducting a pat-down of a suspect and found a bundle of dope in the dude's trousers, only to be told with a straight face "These aren't my pants!" Which is such a lame excuse that it's a wonder anyone would try and tell such a whopper...

Well, apparently there's an exception that proves the rule.

Now, personally, I think that The War on The Fourth, Drugs needs to go away and quit trying to burn the village to save it, but at the same time, given the current climate in the narcotics trade, dealing cocaine out your master bedroom closet in a sketchy neighborhood while raising a kid in the house is showing a cavalier indifference toward that kid's well-being.

One of the hardest parts about writing my "Good Guys Win" column for S.W.A.T. Magazine is trying to ensure that any reported home invasions are not actually Bad Guy-on-Bad Guy incidents, and I'll bet I only bat about .750. The vast majority of home invasions are either on dope dealers or at least think they're invading a dope dealer's home.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #162...

M&P M2.0 at the range yesterday.
The PMC Bronze 115gr ran the gun fine, but was typical of standard-pressure bulk 9mm range fodder these days: Average velocities were solidly subsonic. This sort of weak-ass ammo runs okay in Glocks, M&Ps, and Sig P320s in my experience, but there are also guns it gives fits.

Meanwhile, the standard pressure 124gr HST was a good 100fps faster, on average, and cycled the gun with authority.

Truth In Advertising...

I like it when Facebook groups are up front with the "TAMARA KEEP OUT" stuff...

"No, dude, I'm not calling your Barska scope a wretched pulsating ball of suck and fail because I'm a snob, I'm calling it that because that's what it is."
Some things are just destined to end in tears and are better off not even begun. We're all better off if a big ol' Meanie McMeaniepants like me doesn't even begin that one.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Great training on sale!

From my friends at Citizens Defense Research, get two people trained for the price of one! Take yourself and a loved one to class for the cost of one person (or be selfish and take the class yourself and use the free chair in another, later class)!
From now until Monday at 11:59PM EST we are a running a BUY ONE GET ONE free sale on the Alliance Ohio iteration of the entire 16 hour block of instruction of our Contextual Handgun: The Armed Parent/Guardian curriculum being held April 1-2.
This offer is only good for the entire 16 hour block of instruction ($450) and only for the Alliance class. Once you signup you can contact us with your order number, and who you would like to have attend the class with you, and we will add them to the roster at no additional cost (We're even covering the additional range fees). If you don't have someone you'd like to come with you, then we will issue a voucher to you to attend an additional class at a later date, free of charge.
This class is for people who have kids, or anyone interested in learning how to manage/protect non-combatives (not necessarily just children) in a violent encounter.
To signup please click the signup button and select the $450 ticket option.
See yah next weekend!
Here are some class reviews that are newer than mine: Primary & Secondary, Beauty Behind the Blast.

Signup link is HERE.

The more work-y sort of range time...

Chrono work in the morning with the M&P M2.0. It's time to start wrapping this up so I can ship the gun off to the mothership for some photography.

I'll be headed to the range tomorrow to do another hundred rounds of assorted blasting, which is fun, and then chrono work, which is meh. I need to go ahead and make sure I have some ammo laid out for the test numbers: three different bullet weights from three different manufacturers is ideal. (And I need enough of each to do a ten-round chrono string and five 5-shot groups at 25 yards.)

Tuesday will be the 25-yard groups and probably a couple runs through the short course of fire just to serve as a benchmark.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The shallow end of the word mines...

Overheard in the Office...

Me: "Oh, my God! The cat just wandered over to my chair, gazed adoringly up at me, floated an air biscuit, and then wandered back off across the room."

RX: "Cats don't really fart all that often. Are you sure you're not smelling natural gas?"

Me: "There is nothing natural about this smell."

Bloggery has occurred at the other blog...

Gasp! Two Sunday Smiths in a month!

Random Musing...

Saturday, March 25, 2017

I'm tired.

Or rather my car is.

Friday I stopped at the local tire mart and left the Zed Drei there while I walked with my range bag across the street to Indy Arms Company for some pew-pew-pew with the M&P M2.0 review gun.

200 rounds through the M&P and a short wait back at the tire place later, I had a new set of skins on the Zed Drei...for about the price of a good deal on an HK P30. Yikes.

Both rears were pretty well worn on the inboard sides, and a smarter person likely would have replaced them before a 1,200-mile round trip, but I never claimed to be all that bright. Further, the driver's side front had a very slow leak in the "no repair" zone.

Due to the fact that rears wear so much faster on the Zed Drei*, and the fact that I'm a starving artist, I usually only replaced the tires on one end of the car at a time, and that when strictly necessary**. Fortunately, I'd just gotten paid, so now the Z3 has the same brand of front and rear tires, for the first time since probably 2004. No wonder this feels kind of like a big deal to me.

*And since front and rear are different sizes and wear directional tires, there's no rotating the tires, either.
**With the Z3 2.8's wheel sizes, your choices are a few varieties of cheap-ass tires that wear like RugRite carpet and are as sticky as oiled cue balls, or Ultra Super Sport tires. Like the joke backronym goes, "Bring Money With".


I spent Thursday morning at Atlanta Conservation Club with Mike Grasso, working on our Quick & Dirty Course of Fire, intended to be used as a future evaluation tool in gun reviews.

The guns in the picture were the ones we were using as benchmarks, his P226 SAO Legion and my Robar Gen2 Glock 17. It was in the high 30s and windy when we first got there, and I did not cover myself in glory initially, only shooting 248 points on a 300 point course. I tried with frozen fingers and I tried with glove liners, and neither was super satisfactory.

Some of it is that I have a hard time adapting to traditional timed courses of fire, allowing myself to use up all the allotted par time to get the best shots, rather than finishing five seconds early with a couple of nines and eights.

Some of it was that I really need to work on my transitions; I was swinging the gun and my eyes at the same time, rather than leading with my eyes and then bringing the sights to my eye line. Some more time in dry-fire on that will help, plus now that it's warming up I'll be getting more time on the steel plates in the bays at MCF&G.

Friday, March 24, 2017

A quarter done...

Wednesday morning saw me at Indy Arms Company with the Wilson and four boxes of the Winchester 124gr NATO ammunition. I wanted to work on speed on smaller/farther targets. I think, judging from what was happening in longer strings of fire, I have some serious grip issues to work on.

After a hundred rounds at the lower 8" circle at the fifteen yard line and fifty at the 3x5 from seven, I brought it back in to three yards and just worked on trying get good trigger presses on the 2" circles. That dropped shot is annoying.

There were no malfunctions of any kind to report.

This makes 500 rounds fired since the pistol was last cleaned or lubed, with one FTE not charged to the gun at round #29. 1,500 rounds to go.